RoqueVCDX is my personal blog that will focus mainly on Datacenter topics including Virtualization and Data Center Migrations but I will try to put some fun stuff in too, namely mountain biking and exploration of all the beautiful sites in Southern Oregon.  The name Rogue comes from the Rogue Valley where I live and work from remotely in a little town called Ashland, Oregon.

First and foremost, I am a husband and a Dad to a little two-year little boy. I work for Transitional Data Services, a Gartner recognized company that focuses on Datacenter Migrations & Modernizations for Fortune 500 companies.  My time is rather limited as you can imagine between home and work but I would like to try to give back to the VMware community since I owe a lot of what I know to reading the excellent work of others.

I am VMware VCDX #208 which I earned in October 2015. I would highly recommend the VCDX program as the journey itself will make you a better architect.

Thanks for reading!

Andy Smith

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